i2c Healthcare is the Medical Billing division of I2C World. We are HIPAA compliant and specialize in revenue management and claims processing for the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 2002 as the international outsourcing company. i2c World, Inc. is privately owned with over 300 employees.

Our Healthcare Services division caters to the revenue and claims management needs of physicians, and small to mid-sized practices and clinics. We stay up to date on claims filing procedures, codes, rules and regulations that take place in the industry. We make sure you receive the maximum compensation for your medical services. All services provided by i2c World is through secure systems and processes that ensure data security and confidentiality of all your claims and medical records.

Our Healthcare Services include:

  • Electronic Medical Billing
  • Worker's Compensation Claims Processing
  • No-Fault Claim Filing
  • Claim Status Follow-up & Reporting
  • EOB Analysis
  • Patient Collections & Statements

Prior to beginning work on your account, we go though the all-important implementation phase allowing both I2c Healthcare and you to conform to each other's requirements, thus allowing a streamlined transition process.

I2c Healthcare will provide the following as part of its implementation stage:

  • Account Executive

    An i2c account executive serves as a liaison between you and the medical billing team assigned to your account. Our account executive will guide you through the implementation process and gather thenecessary information for registration - including physician's names, License #'s, Tax ID's, PIN #'s, otherrelated usernames and passwords and input them onto a secure network using advanced SSL encryption technology. Once we have you registered

  • Transmission of Superbills

    We give you the freedom to choose how you would like to send us your superbills.
    Paper: Fax, USPS Mail, DHL
    Electronic: E-mail, ICQ Direct file transfer, Medical Software*

  • 24/7 Claim Processing

    Our billing teams file claims received on an on-going basis. All claims are filed electronically whenever possible. If we come across an insurance company that is not equipped with electronic filing we simply print, process, and mail the claim directly. Our affiliated clearinghouse sends us audit reports with notifications and errors on claims 24 hours after initial filing. This process significantly reduces turnover and claim resubmission time.

  • Claim Denial Management

    We have our billers directly follow-up with insurance companies over the phone to manage every claim submitted. If we have not received an EOB within 30 days of the last billing date, we automatically resubmit the claim and follow-up with the insurance companies after that period. With our denial management system, our medical insurance specialist reviews the EOBs and subsequently initiates followup calls directly with the medical insurance companies. In the event of any missing information we contact your office to resolve any denied claims and resubmit claims for processing.

  • Customized Reporting

    I2C offers a number of reporting methods for you to know the status of each and every claim we process. You will receive reports of all claims specially tailored to your requirements. You can choose how you would like your report to be organized and how often you would like us to send you a report on all claims processed by i2c Healthcare. In addition each client will be given a login/password to view your claims online through the clearinghouse website.

  • Invoicing

    During the first week of every month i2c will send you an invoice for all the claims processed by us. Invoices are sent after EOB's have been posted and checks have been sent to your office. I2c accepts payments by - check or credit card.


HIPAA Frequent Questions and Answers

Questions and answers concerning HIPAA requirements as they relate to treatment, payment and health care operations from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Department of Health and Human Services

The mission of the Office of Inspector General, as mandated by Public Law 95-452 (as amended), is to protect the integrity of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) programs, as well as the health and welfare of the beneficiaries of those programs. The OIG has a responsibility to report both to the Secretary and to the Congress program and management problems and recommendations to correct them. The OIG's duties are carried out through a nationwide network of audits, investigations, inspections and other mission-related functions performed by OIG components.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

We intend to make it easier for providers, suppliers, and the general public to understand the changes we are proposing or making in the programs we administer (for example, Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program.(SCHIP) CMS regulations establish or modify the way CMS administers its programs. CMS' regulations may impact providers or suppliers of services or the individuals enrolled or entitled to benefits under CMS programs.

NYS Workers Compensation Board

We make it easier for providers who accept workers compensation claims. We work directly with the WCB in order to follow through with claims and all 3rd party affiliates. These include legal firms, businesses and insurance companies.

Office Ally Clearinghouse

Office Ally is a full service clearinghouse offering a web-based service to providers all around the United States. They are in their 10th year of business and have over 270,000 providers who use their services. Office Ally has been our affiliate since we entered the Medical Billing business.


The administrative regulations of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establish compliance standards for security, electronic transactions and privacy of patient's health in relation to transactions in the healthcare industry.

i2c Healthcare has undertaken extensive efforts to become compliant with HIPAA requirements and is completely compliant with all the HIPAA regulations.

I2c Healthcare has engaged in the following efforts to ensure compliancy with HIPAA's rules and regulations:

  • Designated internal personnel the responsibility of implementing, supervising and ensuring all transaction that take place are within the guidelines of the HIPAA rules and regulations.
  • I2c personnel have received extensive training in HIPAA's Privacy Rules.
  • I2c Healthcare has implemented a HIPAA Addendum in the form of a Business Associate Agreement with all its clients and vendors outlining the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information.
  • Established a secure and safe location to store all its client's files. State if the art technology systems to shield against loss of data through fire, undirected or directed attacks, theft, and many more risks that exist.
  • Will your billing service increase my practice income?

    Yes! The number one consideration for using an outside billing service should be to increase practice income. I2c World typically raises practice income for its clients a minimum of 25% to over 35%. The larger the practice, the greater the increase. Keep in mind that if you do not have time to follow-up on unpaid insurance claims or are not following up on all patient owed balances, then you are losing a significant portion of your income. Co-pays alone can be as much as 20-40% of your income.

  • I have my own computer system and software. Can your service still increase my practice income?

    Yes! I2c uses a high end practice management system, but it's not just our computers, it's our staff expertise in healthcare billing that makes the difference. From data input, to tracking insurance claims or slow-paying accounts, it's our total commitment to your practice that produces the results you want and justifies our services.

  • Will your billing service replace the need for my staff?

    It all depends on the size of your practice. I2c replaces your need for billing staff but you may still want to keep administrative help for scheduling, filing, and obtaining authorizations. With less time spent on billing, your employees will be able to focus on these other support tasks.

  • What if I don't have office staff?

    Many of our clients are solo practictioners with limited or no administrative staff. In that case, our professional staff will coordinate billing directly with the provider.

  • Do you handle authorizations? It is the provider's responsibility to handle all authorizations and treatment plans?

    We do, however, have an on-line system that can assist you in keeping track of this information. Also, if claims deny for no authorization, we will handle the follow-up and appeals.

  • Are all payments sent to my address?

    Yes! All insurance and patient payments are mailed directly to your residence or practice. Our toll-free phone number is on each patient statement and insurance claim so that billing inquiries will come to our office where we handle the problems.

  • Will I stay informed about my practice?

    Yes! I2c clients are able to check patient account balances, claim status and print out financial reports through our web-based system. We can also mail/e-mail/fax out monthly reports, upon request.

  • Can I speak to someone over the phone when I have a question?

    Yes. Each practice is assigned a personal account manager who gets to know your practice. You receive the email address and direct telephone extension of the account manager, so if you ever have any questions, you can always get in touch with him or her. When your account manager has questions or needs information, s/he will contact you via phone, email or fax. We believe good communication with our clients is an important part of the billing process.

  • Are you HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. All of our staff follow HIPAA guidelines regarding protected health information (PHI) and patient privacy. Our software vendor and clearinghouse for billing electronic claims are also certified HIPAA compliant. Our HIPAA policies are outlined in the Trading Partner agreement we provide to our clients.

  • Is there a long term contract?

    There is no long term contract. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may terminate services at any time, provided you give us 30 days notice. We make this offer because most of our clients are extremely satisfied with our services.

  • How do I get started?

    Call us at 646-641-6649. We will ask questions about your current billing situation and customize a service plan that best meets your needs. We then send you a Letter of Agreement and a New Provider Enrollment Packet. The packet includes a provider information sheet, HIPPA trading partner agreement, electronic authorizations and other paperwork needed to set up your practice.

  • How do I send you the data?

    Our clients send us data in several different ways. i2c has a electronic fax system in place in which our clients simply fax us their superbills. Other options include e-mail, mail, and EMR software solutions.


I2c offers the best rates in the market. Based on your practice's volume of claims and type of practice we can devise a billing solution that will provide you with the best solution at the best price:

Private Insurance
Worker's Comp.

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