Healthcare - Services

Prior to beginning work on your account, we go though the all-important implementation phase allowing both I2c Healthcare and you to conform to each other's requirements, thus allowing a streamlined transition process.

I2c Healthcare will provide the following as part of its implementation stage:

  1. Account Executive
    An i2c account executive serves as a liaison between you and the medical billing team assigned to your account. Our account executive will guide you through the implementation process and gather thenecessary information for registration - including physician's names, License #'s, Tax ID's, PIN #'s, otherrelated usernames and passwords and input them onto a secure network using advanced SSL encryption technology. Once we have you registered

  2. Transmission of Superbills
    - We give you the freedom to choose how you would like to send us your superbills.
    Paper: Fax, USPS Mail, DHL
    Electronic: E-mail, ICQ Direct file transfer, Medical Software*

  3. 24/7 Claim Processing
    - Our billing teams file claims received on an on-going basis. All claims are filed electronically whenever possible. If we come across an insurance company that is not equipped with electronic filing we simply print, process, and mail the claim directly. Our affiliated clearinghouse sends us audit reports with notifications and errors on claims 24 hours after initial filing. This process significantly reduces turnover and claim resubmission time.

  4. Claim Denial Management
    - We have our billers directly follow-up with insurance companies over the phone to manage every claim submitted. If we have not received an EOB within 30 days of the last billing date, we automatically resubmit the claim and follow-up with the insurance companies after that period. With our denial management system, our medical insurance specialist reviews the EOBs and subsequently initiates followup calls directly with the medical insurance companies. In the event of any missing information we contact your office to resolve any denied claims and resubmit claims for processing.

  5. Customized Reporting
    - I2C offers a number of reporting methods for you to know the status of each and every claim we process. You will receive reports of all claims specially tailored to your requirements. You can choose how you would like your report to be organized and how often you would like us to send you a report on all claims processed by i2c Healthcare. In addition each client will be given a login/password to view your claims online through the clearinghouse website.

  6. Invoicing
    - During the first week of every month i2c will send you an invoice for all the claims processed by us. Invoices are sent after EOB's have been posted and checks have been sent to your office. I2c accepts payments by - check or credit card.